Yogi Fest

Yoga festival

Third Annual Yogifest Yoga Festival

Uptown Yoga in Columbus, Indiana hosted the Third Annual YogiFest in Brown County on Saturday, August 19, 2018.

Yoga festival

The Frog Ranch

Students and instructors and guests were invited to the Frog Ranch owned by Geoff Keller, a student at Uptown Yoga, for the yoga festival.  Geoff raises frogs for the scientific joy, NOT to eat!  In fact, Geoff is a long time vegetarian.

Yoga festival

Beautiful Landscaping

Tables were set up on the dam of Geoff’s pond, down a long, steep hill.  Geoff has done extensive landscaping creating steps for hikers and a winding path for a wheelbarrow to navigate.

He has planted lots of native water plants in his pond building a colorful palette of blooming flowers.

Everyone brought a veggie dish to share.  Lots of incredibly delicious food.

Yoga festival

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

One of the instructors, Hunter, brought a paddle board to try some paddle board yoga.  Geoff gave it a try and announced that it was very difficult!  Kudos to those who can pull it off!

Yoga festival

Yoga on the Specially Designed Mats

Andrew, another instructor at Uptown Yoga, did some asanas on the dock on my 100% natural tree rubber yoga mats.

Yoga festival

Good Grip

Geoff also tried out the new mats.  Being on the dock with swimmers and boaters coming and going, the mats got a bit wet with puddles of water.  However, they held up well and dried off easily.  Ready to use and super grippy!

Yoga festival

Lining Up

Andrew doing a Lunge.  The mats, with the sacred geometry, chakra patterns, help to align the body and help with the placement of hands and feet.

Yoga festival


Geoff doing the Tree pose.  I always have so much trouble with the Tree.  I have a Morton’s Foot where, instead of a three point balance, I have a two point balance like an ice skating blade.  The bone on the second toe next to the big toe is longer creating this effect.

Before the crowd dispersed for the evening, Hunter led everyone in a group Tree where everyone, in a circle, pressed hands together, held high, helping to balance in the pose.  First lifting the right leg, then the left.  Very lovely group pose.  The easiest Tree pose I ever did!

Yoga festival

Downward Dog

Andrew and the Downward Dog on the lovely Energetic Integrations yoga mat.

Lots of great fellowship and conversations.  Looking forward to YogiFest 2019!

Thanks for tuning in.



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