Living in an Energy Tsunami Charlene Marsh Sacred Geometry Yoga Mats

“There is a power in your work…Anyone who gets your artwork, their frequency changes…You are creating a change in frequency for humanity through your work… You balance out the Earth…”   Anthony William, Medical Medium.

After answering an ad in the newspaper about a property for sale in Brown County, Indiana, Charlene stepped out of her car and was immediately struck by the overwhelming tranquility, peace, and quiet of the little house surrounded by Yellowwood State Forest.  She told the seller, without even looking at the house, “I’ll take it”.

Charlene is an empath, an intuitive, and a highly sensitive person(HSP) who immediately picked up on the energy of joy, happiness, and health surrounded by a pristine forest where she can tap into the creative energies of the universe and produce artwork to raise the vibrational frequency to enrich our lives.

When Charlene was about eight years old, her dad read an article in the newspaper about “Chinese Food Syndrome” and commented to her “This must be why you don’t like Chinese food.”  The article said that Chinese food was heavily seasoned with Monosodium Glutamate(MSG), a chemical flavor enhancer.  That was her first experience with and awareness of chemicals in food.

Ever since Charlene was young, not only she would suffer the ill effects from chemicals in food and in the environment she would be overwhelmed by the negative emotions from other people.  She suffered with “full body migraines” for many years before she finally found her way out of the deep, dark pit of pain and despair to live a healthy, happy, prosperous life full of energy and optimism.

Trees resonate at the same frequency as the human body which is why Charlene so resonated with the property surrounded by Yellowwood Forest.  But, because we are bombarded with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pollution from cell towers, electrical lines, radio frequencies, smart meters, and more, our bodies get out of whack, vibrating at an unnatural frequency.  Immersing ourselves in the forest resets our own vibrational frequency to achieve equilibrium and restore health.  Like a hologram, the paintings are imbued with the frequency of the forest and help bring that energy into our living spaces.

Specializing in capturing the beauty of Yellowwood State ForestCharlene hikes into the forest in all four seasons to paint en plein air in oils.  She also loves creating powerful, heirloom wedding paintings that embody all the love and joy of the special day.  The paintings commemorate joyful events for generations to come.  Holidays, figurative, animals, and still lifes are other subject matter that makes Charlene happy.

For many years, Charlene developed thousands of dye formulas to hand dye skeins of wool that she tufted onto a cotton background to make large wall tapestries featuring sacred geometry, stars, chakras, animals, angles, devils, and other iconography relevant to our times.

Charlene has a line of yoga mats and active wear apparel featuring  both the fiber and oil painting designs.  The yoga mats and apparel are also imbued with a high vibrational frequency to create a chi raising, joyful experience.

Initially studying at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, where she grew up, Charlene finished her Bachelor of Arts degrees in Fine Art and English at Indiana University, Bloomington.  Concentrations in textile design and oil painting were the focus of her studio studies.  Her artwork has been exhibited, won top awards, and is in collections nationally and internationally.

When she is not creating artwork, Charlene is hiking up and down hills in the forest, dodging coyotes, cougars, and copperheads.  And even a rattler now and then.  Dogs and horses and connecting with animals touches her soul.  She has rescued and nursed to health more wild animals than she can count.

In the summer, she loves watching shooting stars and fireflies in the backyard and reading a good book curled up by the fire in the winter.  She enjoys practicing yoga in all four seasons, both indoors and out.

Mission and Values

Since suffering with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities(MCS), growing organic fruits, veggies, flowers, and wild edibles on her farm fuels her passion to create a healthy, vibrant, organic lifestyle.  Part of that healthy lifestyle that values and has compassion for all life, both human and animal, means that Charlene has been a vegetarian and vegan since 1976, and went on a mostly “living foods” (raw) diet in 2003.

Charlene likes to volunteer for and donate to her local, no-kill animal shelter, the Brown County Humane Society.  She also contributes to other organizations that are dedicated to protecting and rescuing animals including Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, White Coat Waste Project, Best Friends Sanctuary, Farm Animal Sanctuary, Beagle Freedom Project, and others.




Studio/Gallery Telephone:  812-988-4497

Text:  812-371-6750

This video shows how a hand dyed, wool, tufted tapestry was made from beginning to end.

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