Living in an Energy Tsunami Charlene Marsh Sacred Geometry Yoga Mats

When Charlene was about 8 years old, her dad was reading the newspaper and said, “Wow.  This must be why you don’t like Chinese food.”

The article said that most Chinese food used heavy doses of monosodium glutamate(MSG) as a flavor enhancer that made some people really sick.

This was her first awareness about the toxic world we live in and her first steps towards creating a luminescent life that is organic, healthy, grounded, and earthy, making beautiful, sensitive artwork that sparkles and shifts reality.

In 1987, Charlene moved to her peaceful, organic farm in Brown County, Indiana, an Historic Art Colony, that borders Yellowwood State Forest where she loves to hike and paint every day.

“There is a power in your work…Anyone who gets your artwork, their frequency changes…You are creating a change in frequency for humanity through your work… You balance out the Earth…”   Anthony William, Medical Medium.




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This video shows how a hand dyed, wool, tufted tapestry was made from beginning to end.