Are you still practicing yoga on a toxic, smelly, slippery yoga mat?

sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat

Time to Elevate Your Practice

Are you still practicing yoga on a plain, boring, smelly, slippery, toxic, yoga mat? Are you tired of slipping and sliding while practicing yoga? Or being face down in a toxic, smelly mat?  Isn’t it time to elevate your yoga practice?  Move to a peaceful, enlightening, and healthy experience while practicing yoga and meditating.  We offer an extraordinarily beautiful, full color premium yoga mat.   You will love how it is super grippy.  Feel good about touching the all natural, odorless yoga mat.  And feel fabulous knowing it is made from sustainably harvested, recyclable natural tree rubber.

sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat

Gorgeous Mats By an Artist and Yogi

Hello.  My name is Charlene Marsh and I am a full time professional artist and practicing yogi since 1976.  When I looked for a commercial yoga mat, I did not like what I saw!  I wanted a stunningly gorgeous yoga mat that was all natural and healthy so I made my own!  Originally made from hand dyed wool tufted onto a cotton backing, I eventually found a patented printing process where full color designs are sublimated into the natural tree rubber.  I was finally able to bring these fabulous designs to you on a premium quality yoga mat..

To see how the original hand dyed wool pieces were made check out this video.

Ready to Upgrade?

If you are ready to upgrade your yoga mat, please visit the yoga mat shop and select from one of five stunning designs.  Or scroll down to buy directly from this blog page!   I will ship it out to you immediately!  You can read all the fabulous customer reviews here.

Each yoga mat is imbued with a special vibrational frequency that will assist you in raising your own vibrational frequency.  The high energy of the mat flows through your body and your environment easily and effortlessly.  The special prescriptive value of each mat is included in the product description.  When the mat is shipped, I include a sheet with the prescriptive value.

Reviews Appreciated!

If you already have a Marsh Yoga mat, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share a review or pictures of your mat in action!

Thanks for following along!  I really appreciate your support!




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