Aum Shanti Yoga Mat

sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mats


The Aum Shanti yoga mat was designed using one of the very last, hand dyed wool, tufted tapestries that I ever made in the “yoga chakra series”.  So it is a very special design with a very high vibrational frequency.  The yoga mat is rooted in a fiber art design I created in the early 2000’s.  After developing the dye formulas, I hand dyed hundreds of pounds of wool with intricate, gradating colors.  Using a small, hand held tufter, I created several series of tapestries and yoga chakra rugs over a twenty five year period. Sacred geometry, the basic foundation of the structure of the universe, weaves through each piece.  This piece was the final culmination of all those years of studying and designing the most perfect yoga rug.

Aum Shanti Yoga Mat

I used the “yoga chakra rugs” for yoga and, in fact, never bought a commercial yoga mat.  They just looked too nasty for me!   I much preferred my luxurious rugs with gorgeous designs!  But, since each rug took, literally, months to make, they simply were not available commercially.  That is, until, I found a new, patented printing process.  The full color designs are sublimated into the natural tree rubber making a super grippy, odorless, non-toxic surface perfect for practicing yoga.  The mats are great to use on the floor or hung on the wall to effortlessly raise your vibrational frequency even if you do not practice yoga.

Here is the original, hand dyed wool, tufted rug I used for the basis of the Aum Shanti yoga energy mat design:

Aum Shanti rubber yoga mats
Aum Shanti

You can read more about how this yoga mat compares to other mats and how it solves the problems of many commercial yoga mats.

Effortlessly Raising Vibrational Frequency

All these wonderful features make the mat a joy to use. But, even better, this yoga mat serves to effortlessly raise the body’s vibrational frequency.  Simply having the mat in your space, either on the floor or hanging on the wall, will cause the higher frequencies to flow through your body.  You don’t have to do anything to experience these higher energies!  I have many people who don’t do yoga who have purchased the mats to use in their living spaces.

The high vibrational frequency helps to create more health, wealth, happiness, peace, and, if using for yoga, take your practice to new, transcendental levels!  Super grippy, odorless, non-toxic, colorfast.  Wonderful for all kinds of yoga, meditation, or simply having in your space, activating positive energies.

sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mats
Sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat.

Aum Shanti Activates and Supports these Conditions

“Aum” is not a religious term but, rather, a vibrational language, Sanskrit, where the vibration of the spoken word “Aum” or “Om” manifests what follows it.

Shanti means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, bliss.  So, the energy of this yoga mat is especially beneficial to support and activate these conditions as well as good health and balance.

The root chakra sits in the middle of the mat making it a great mat for centering and grounding during your practice.  The crown chakra on either end expands your energy no matter which end of the mat your head lands on.

Helpful Blogs and Articles

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You can get the Aum Shanti mat here and start raising your own vibrational frequency today.

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