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These premium yoga mats are great for all kinds of yoga including hot yoga.  The 100% natural tree rubber yoga mats easily and effortlessly raise the vibrational frequency of your body.  The mats can be hung on the wall or used on the floor.  They are great for yoga, stretching, meditation, reiki, or just watching television.

Om Tara Yoga Energy Mat

First, I want to let you know that the yoga mats are going to be [...]

Aum Shanti Yoga Mat

Culmination The Aum Shanti yoga mat was designed using one of the very last, hand [...]

Energetic Integrations Yoga Mat

Energetic Integrations Yoga Mat This yoga mat was one of the first two I designed [...]

Are you still practicing yoga on a toxic, smelly, slippery yoga mat?

Yes! I want both the FREE, 11 page PDF, “How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency [...]

11 Top Complaints About Yoga Mats

11 Top Complaints About Yoga Mats And how Marsh Yoga mats solve these issues. 11 [...]


Yogi Fest


Barefoot Yoga in Helmsburg, Indiana

Patty Donaldson, the owner and instructor at Barefoot Yoga in tiny Helmsburg, Indiana took this [...]

Premium, Full Color, 100% Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mats!

Premium, Full Color, Natural Tree Rubber Yoga Mats. I am pleased to announce the launch [...]