Charlene Marsh Sacred Geometry Yoga Mats

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency to Increase Health, Happiness, and Prosperity to Live Your Greatest Life

You may be wondering what the vibrational frequency has to do with greater health, peace, prosperity — and beautiful artwork.  The human body optimally vibrates, when healthy, at a frequency of 62-72 MHz.  So many factors such as food, environment, EMFs, drugs and medications, mental attitudes, and more, all work to lower or raise your body’s vibrational frequency.

Negative, harmful elements slow our vibrational frequency, setting it lower, heavier, and denser, and making it very difficult to live a healthy, happy, sparkling, productive life.  Science has proven that disease can start to invade as your frequency drops.  People walk around like zombies with a fog brain, tired, sluggish, depressed, in pain, ill, and unable to concentrate.   Hard to live a remarkable life when you are miserable!

I have developed a system to help raise your vibrational frequency and to help lead you to greater health, wealth, peace, joy, and happiness so you can live your life to the highest potential!  And art can have a significant transformational impact!

Please send me an email to receive an application to find out if we are aligned for coaching services for raising your vibrational frequency and help you create a more joyful, healthy life! 

Please send an inquiry if you would like for me to present my 3 step system in a workshop at your next event.