sacred geometry natural rubber yoga pants leggingssacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat
Om Tara, natural rubber, yoga mat, sacred geometry, mandala
Aum Shanti sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat
sacred geometry natural rubber yoga pants leggings sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat
Sacred geometry yoga mats
Om Jai Ma Gaia sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat

Customer Reviews

jennifer burdis yoga mat

My old Penn State Roomie, transitioned to American Ninja Warrior and now virtual athletic trainer during COVID!

I’m using my yoga mat in her workouts too!!!

Angie Simpson

“I absolutely Love it…”

I am owner of Uptown Yoga in Columbus, Indiana. Charlene is an incredibly talented and passionate artist who has been persistent in realizing her dream of creating eco-friendly, beautiful and durable yoga mats 🙂 I met Charlene a few months ago and was immediately impressed with the quality of this mat and the beauty of the design. This mat is comparable to Jade but, in my opinion, better quality. It doesn’t attract lint or tiny particles like I have seen on Jade mats. It has a cool temperature feel to it and is beautiful to look at while practicing yoga. I absolutely Love it and have allowed others to try it who were also impressed enough to buy one. Charlene has taken great care in making these and it is reflected in the quality and beauty of the mat. Our studio has purchased 6-8 mats so far and will continue to do so, they sell quickly 🙂

Tiffany Baker Review

“…it’s beautiful!”

I have one of the yoga mats, it’s beautiful! I couldn’t be happier with it.
Margaret Woods via Facebook
Perry, MI
flower of the soul change yoga energy mat

“… radiates wonderful positive feedback.”

We are recipients of so many compliments at our Mala because the beauty of your designs radiates wonderful positive feedback.
Tony Hirsch via email
Bloomington, IN
Live Well.  Promote Peace.

“….standing the test of time and heavy use.” 

Lee says:

Your art inspires me! You are so right about excitement and discovery being necessary in every piece (or as I think about it in relation to asana, in every yoga pose or at least practice!). I’ve been practicing on your mat here in Florida and can attest to the “grippiness,” even when there’s a light fog misting the mat. That’s something I’ve not had when practicing outside. After almost a year, I still disappear into the light of the chakras as I look down. In other words, it hasn’t just become a thing between me and the floor. I’ve had deluxe mats that have not worn well, but this one is standing the test of time and heavy use. Thanks Charlene!

February 17, 2019 at 7:56 am

Lee Edgren via blog

“…it was her favorite present.”

I bought one of your mats in November and it brings me joy every time I use it. I bought another for my yoga buddy for Christmas. She told me it was her favorite present. Thanks for designing these. Not only beautiful but very comfortable to use.
Sue Pinaire Carter via Facebook
Indianapolis, IN

“…yoga mat is fabulous…”

I love the mug! My Marsh yoga mat is fabulous and can’t wait to see your athletic line including yoga pants 🙂
Sheila Taulman via Facebook

“Beautiful designs and construction.”

Cathy Scott, Facebook Recommendation

“Best yoga mat ever. Great quality.”

Sue Carter, Facebook Recommendation

review yoga energy mat testimonial

“Love it!”

Bird loves her mat! And, I love mine!!!

Angie Simpson via email

Westlake Village, CA

“…your mat is my fave”

I have two “best” yoga mats, …the Manduka pro and a Jade. The jade has always had a rubbery smell and over time the surface has not worn well. The Manduka is heavy and slick.  So so far, your mat is my fave.

Lee E. via email
Nashville, IN and Arcadia, MI
energetic integrations leggings

My new yoga pants….are super duper comfortable…”

I absolutely love my new yoga pants from artist yogi, Charlene Marsh. They are super duper comfortable and they stay put when you practice. Looooove them!

Kim Balstad via Facebook

Austin, TX

“…it doesn’t slip at all!”

I also tried the yoga mat yesterday, it is wonderful and I love how it doesn’t slip at all!

Vladimira D. via email

Bloomington, IN

sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat

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