Living in an Energy Tsunami Solutions: Part 2

Living in an Energy Tsunami Charlene Marsh Sacred Geometry Yoga Mats

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Increase Your Health, Happiness, Joy, and Prosperity, Part 2:  Solutions

Please visit Part 1: Living in an Energy Tsunami of my recent lecture at Bloomingfood’s Wellness Wednesday Workshop in Bloomington, Indiana to learn about all the challenges we are facing in our modern world.  From all the electromagnetic pollution to the food we eat, we are being bombarded constantly by forces that lower our vibrational frequency.  Learn, too, the scientific reason it is crucial to maintain a high vibrational frequency and the consequences that befall us when it drops.

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Increase Your Health, Happiness, Joy, and Prosperity Part 1

Here is Part 1: Living in an Energy Tsunami

This Blog is How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency, Part Two:  Solutions

Watch the video here:

raising your vibrational frequency

Part 2:  Living in an Energy Tsunami: Solutions

Solutions to managing our energy

So let’s talk about some of the solutions.  We’ve talked about the problem, let’s talk about some solutions.

So what does one do when faced when such overwhelming challenges that seems to be out of our control?  The goal is to raise the vibrational frequency so you can experience optimum health on all levels including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Stress and emotional challenges on a daily basis lower your body frequency. It becomes a slower, denser wavelength that bogs you down.  This is why you need to raise your body’s frequency regularly, on a daily basis, even moment to moment, with the right substances and environment that are compatible at the cellular, energetic level of your being, rather than wait until your body frequency has dropped so low that disease takes hold, you find out you have a disease.

Your energy needs to be managed in this order:

  • Physical energy – how healthy are you?
  • Emotional energy – how happy are you?
  • Mental energy – how well can you focus on something?
  • Spiritual energy – why are you doing all of this? What is your purpose?

Physical energy is the foundation of the other three(except for enlightened masters).  Without the physical strength and health and vitality, the other three become very difficult.

Essential are:

  • Clean food
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • R&R rest and relaxation:  reading, meditation
  • Clean, chemical free environment both indoors and out.

Systems That Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

  1. The Body: Diet, lifestyle, environment

Chemicals and Organics

-fresh, raw, organic, wild edibles, juicing, essential oils, garden grown food; eliminate conventionally grown food, GMOs additives, processed foods. Drink clean mineral and spring water or bare minimum,  filtered water.

-eliminating anything with chemicals including household cleaners, laundry soap, air fresheners, bath and body products, deodorants, cosmetics.  Substitute natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda.  Look for simple bath and body products with no chemical fragrances and other additives.

EMFs, Bad Habits, and Exercise

– shielding and limiting exposure to smart meters, cell towers, wifi, cell phones, screen time.  Buy a shield if your house has a smart meter.  Turn off wifi at night.  Do not carry a cell phone in direct contact with your body.

-eliminating bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

-aerobic exercise

Big Pharma

-find natural solutions to deal with health issues to avoid pharmaceutical drugs.  Work with natural healers.  Most doctors or only trained in treating patients with drugs and/or surgery.  They are fantastic in an emergency but not so great for long term health care.  So find a naturopath or an osteopath or anyone who uses natural healing methods.

Food with High Vibrational Frequency

The source of the food and how it was produced also affects your energy and body vibrational frequency.

Fresh, organic foods, particularly fruits and leafy greens, grown in your own garden or picked wild in a clean environment have the highest vibrational frequency.  Essential oils have some of the highest vibrational frequencies.  Sparkling, mineral spring water is very beneficial.

Plants grown in your own garden or picked wild from your property take on a frequency tailored to you, the gardener who tends them.  Plants are very in tune with their grower and sensitive to your needs.

I eat a lot of wild plants and I notice some years certain wild edibles are more abundant than others.  I gather what I see on my property and trust that that wild edible is what I need most right now.  Wild edibles have a very high vibrational frequency as well as beneficial, microscopic organisms.

And, remember, processed and canned food has a Zero vibrational frequency!  And, yet, this is what most people eat!  By contrast, I make these flax seed crackers in a dehydrator that you could plant and they would grow!

  1. The Spirit: Meditation, Beliefs, Higher Power, God, Prayer


-sitting, walking, yoga, forest bathing, beach waves, swimming, circular breathing, breath work, singing bowls, prayer, affirmations, positive thinking, compassion, forgiveness, integrity, truth, sound, music, 528 Hz, the “love frequency”, angels, feng shui, geomancy.

Forest Bathing:

Trees naturally resonate with the natural vibrational of the human body.  If you can spend time surrounded by the forest it helps reset your own vibrational frequency.

Some have said that the forest and tress vibrate at the natural frequency of the human body so they help us align and reset our own frequency, after being bombarded with EMFs all the time, back to our natural frequency.

When researching the vibrational frequency of trees, I couldn’t find what MHz they resonate at but found plenty of complaints about how trees block cell signals and wifi signals.  Which can be good or bad depending upon what you are trying to achieve.


Managing our energy requires a great deal of effort and discipline.  When faced with a tsunami of turbulent energy it is easy to get overwhelmed and give up.  Maintaining a daily schedule of juicing, special diets, meditation, yoga, exercise, affirmations, and more can feel like a full time job!  And all this hardly fits in with an active lifestyle or working and raising a family.

  1. ART: connects the body and the spirit

A third system that I use for raising my vibrational frequency is Art.

The body and the spirit are connected through art.  Art is the missing key that activates both the body and the spirit so that they work together.  The physical and the unseen are manifested together in art.

Imagine how you feel arriving in a city where the medians are weed covered and strewn with glass as opposed to city medians filled with flowers, sculptures, and fountains.  One city, we would be locking our doors and driving straight through as fast as we could.  The other city we would be slowing down and checking out what delicious treasures it had to offer and want to hang out in for awhile.

Then there are two kinds of artwork for these purposes.

Cathartic Art

Cathartic art that transmutes negative energy into an object to release it.  This kind of art can be beautiful or quite ugly.  The point of the finished object is to transfer the negative energy out of the body and out of the spirit and into an object where it can be expressed, shared, contained, and controlled.

Beautiful Art

The other kind of artwork is beautiful work that raises the vibrational frequency for all. Beautiful art makes the heart sing and contains a high vibration.

An artist friend once told me that she noticed if she was depressed or sad or worried while creating a painting, that the painting didn’t sell, no matter how beautiful it turned out.  But if she was joyful and happy while painting, it sold almost immediately.

Art and the Forest:  The Perfect Combo

As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy walking daily in the forest which is great for meditating, prayer, grounding, and just resetting my vibrational frequency to align with the trees.

I especially love backpacking into the forest to paint “en plein air”

The resulting plein air oil paintings are imbued with the frequency of the forest, making them holograms filled with the forest energy to enrich our living spaces.   If you cut out a small piece of a hologram, that small piece contains the entire hologram.  The paintings are like that with the forest.  The painting contains the entire vibrational frequency forest in it.

I create studio paintings inspired by the plein air work so those paintings, too, are imbued with the high vibrational forest energy.  But I always think the plein air paintings done in the forest itself are the most powerful for creating a high vibrational frequency.


So let’s talk about when I work with people I suggest that they really create a three step system, that they really look at three steps, have a three step system, to raise their vibrational frequencies so they can be healthier, so they can have more energy, so they can really attract aligned people with their frequency, with their thoughts and their feelings.  That’s how we are attracting similar kinds of people.  So that we attract people that are positive, people that want to treat us well.

So let’s talk about that.

Issues with the Solutions

3 step system

Step 1:

1.  So the first one is the Body: diet, lifestyle, and environment that we have gone over in the handout.  But those require a lot of consistent discipline, diligence, time, and financial commitment.

So a lot of people get very overwhelmed when they look at diet.  Making changes to the diet is very difficult for many people.  They don’t know where to find the information.  And there is a lot of conflicting information out there.  Who can you trust?  What information is true and valuable? One source will tell you the exact opposite of another source.  Even your doctor may tell you one thing and another will tell you something else.  Making changes to the diet is very difficult for many people.

Food represents so much for us.  Food is tied in with family traditions, special occasions, comfort, rewards, holiday traditions, emotions, addiction, pressure from family and friends, social interaction, cellular memories, favorite foods we can’t live without, habit, and comfort are just some of the challenges we face when making a change to our diet.


And yes, many foods are downright addictive.  When de-toxing, one can have cellular memories re-emerge as a food is released from deep within the liver triggering a craving for that food.

I remember when in the midst of a deep de-tox I had the memory of these chocolate toffee ice cream bars I had at my Grandmother’s house after school when I was a little kid.  I hadn’t had one or thought of that ice cream bar in probably forty years!  But that memory came up while I was de-toxing.  Doesn’t mean you need that food or that it would be helpful … just merely that it is coming out and being released.

Many people have told me that they don’t know what they put in their burgers but the McDonalds hamburgers are downright addictive!


Preparation time, generally speaking, will increase when we switch to a healthier diet.  Fast food and restaurant food is out the door if we want to eat healthier.


Cost can become an issue when switching from a conventional diet and lifestyle to an organic diet and lifestyle.


Many of the same issues rear up when trying to protect ourselves from the EMFs that we are awash in.  In fact, it is downright impossible to totally protect ourselves.  But we can take steps to reduce our exposures with shields or Farraday cages for smart meters and electronic devices.  You can find those online.

Organics and chemical free products

Finding organic, chemical free substitutes for our bath and body products, cosmetics, household cleaners can be difficult.  I have to order my shampoo online because I cannot find a clean enough shampoo locally.

Bad habits

Eliminating a bad habit like smoking can be most difficult for many people.  Another one of those highly addictive substances that people just cannot stop!  My brother-in-law started smoking as a young lad in England.  He would stop for a few years and then as soon as he was overstressed, he started up again, despite the terrible health side effects.  He stopped and started many times over the years.  My sister, his wife, would always say, “We always take it seriously whenever he stops again” in response to my eye roll that he had quit smoking again.  Luckily, he has stopped again now for several years.  Hopefully, he won’t start up again.

It’s clear it is very difficult to get that monkey off your back.  I’ve heard it said that the easiest way to stop is to never start.  Or, since you don’t know how difficult it may be to quit, you’re better off never starting.  But tell that to a kid who thinks it is cool to smoke.


Exercise is great but, again, a big commitment of time and discipline.  Weather can be an issue.  Access to equipment can be a barrier.  And if you are already in pain and suffering, the idea of getting out and exercising is the last thing you want to do!

And for people already suffering health effects and on prescriptions from a doctor, the option of going “all natural” just isn’t there without serious risk and endangerment.  So that can certainly be difficult and special consideration and consultation with your doctor should be taken when adjusting any meds.

Step 2:

2.  So the second step in my system includes The Spirit:  meditation, shift in beliefs, connect with higher power, God, angels, prayer, positive thinking, compassion, forgiveness, integrity, truth, sounds, singing bowls, 528 Hz:  requires consistent discipline, diligence, and time commitment.

Finding what systems work for you can be frustrating and time consuming leaving you feeling defeated before getting started.

You must be very attentive to your thoughts and use various techniques like visualization, prayer, neural linguistics programming, gratitude, and acceptance to shift your thoughts when you recognize you are going off track.

These techniques require constant diligence and self discipline and it is easy to fall back into old patterns.  It is easy to get “stuck”.  And hard to get unstuck.

Music and sound vibrations like the 528 Hz are great but you can’t always have music, singing bowls and 528 Hz sounds playing.

Step 3:

3. The third step in my system includes Art which connects the body and the spirit.

Art can be expensive to get a piece imbued with a high vibrational frequency.

You may not be sure if the piece is imbued with a high vibration. Selecting a high vibration artwork that will easily shift your vibration takes some knowledge and expertise.

And if you are like me, I always seem to select the most expensive, highest end piece that is not in the budget!


To put a system like this in place, and to really live long term and to have a way to have your highest possible experience in your body and in your life that requires a certain level of commitment.  Making any of these kinds of changes can be challenging.  Identifying which things are the most important can be overwhelming.  Because there are some things that are a greater priority more than others.   And it is all individualized.


This has really become mandatory anymore to increase your vibrational frequency.  With all the issues we have talked about, it is simply not optional anymore to ignore these issues without suffering the consequences.

And more and more people are starting to realize that feeling so disempowered in their health, feeling so disempowered in what is going on, and all the energy that is bombarding them, and causing mental concerns, stress, and anxiety, it is just not optional anymore.  We have to really start becoming managers of our own energy.  And be able to have a system to raise our own vibrational frequency.

Easy Solution

Luckily, my yoga mats and active wear apparel are imbued with a high vibrational frequency that will easily and effortlessly flow through your body, raising your frequency.  The yoga mats can not only be used for yoga but can be hung on the wall or used on the floor providing the high frequency 24/7 without you or your family having to do a thing.  The high energies will flow through your body giving you that extra elevated frequency to start to make the shift to greater health, wealth, and happiness.

Each mat has a prescriptive value of the energies it particularly supports that I will cover in future blogs.  Here’s a blog about the mat Energetic Intergrations.

yoga mat

My oil paintings of the forest also serve to easily and effortlessly raise your vibrational frequency.  The forest is particularly powerful for raising your vibrational frequency and restoring your center of balance and peace.  Trees are said to have the same natural frequency as the human body.  Spending time in the forest helps us reset and realign our mind, body, and spirit withe natural forces and rhythms of the Earth.  Having a forest painting in your living or working space does the same thing to re-center us to a healthy space.

plein air oil painting
“Winter Solstice in Yellowwood Forest, December 21, 2019″, plein air oil painting, 12″ x 16”, c. Charlene Marsh

Watch the video, Part 2:  Living in an Energy Tsunami: Solutions:

raising your vibrational frequency

What are you doing to raise your vibrational frequency?  What are some things in your life that are lowering your vibrational frequency?  How does art fit in your life?  Let me know in the comments below!



Ten Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Increase Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness and the Scientific Reason You Need Start NOW!  Eleven page PDF, updated for 2021!

Ten Ways To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency


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