Living in an Energy Tsunami

Living in an Energy Tsunami Charlene Marsh Sacred Geometry Yoga Mats

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Increase Your Health, Happiness, Joy, and Prosperity

Here is Part 1: Living in an Energy Tsunami of my recent lecture at Bloomingfood’s Wellness Wednesday Workshop in Bloomington, Indiana.

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raising your vibrational frequency

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency to Increase Your Health, Happiness, Joy, and Prosperity

Here is Part 1: Living in an Energy Tsunami

Part 1:  Living in an energy tsunami

BIO Intro

Hello!  My name is Charlene Marsh.  I am a full time professional artist and I support people to raise the vibrational frequency of their body.

For twenty years, I suffered from what I called “full body migraines” that caused me a lot of pain, where I could be in bed for 1-3 days at a time and fog brained for another few days.  I was set on a journey to get to the root of the problem.

I did everything possible to feel fabulous and kept digging and digging and digging, like unpeeling the layers of an onion until, now, I feel great!

Journey to Health

So I set out on a journey and studied all kinds of systems for managing, analyzing, and transmuting the body’s energy.  In addition to all the techniques for creating artwork, I studied and worked with practitioners of energy work, body work, Feng Shui, positive thinking, and connecting science and spirituality. To get to the root of the pain and have greater health, I studied all kinds of systems!

I also evolved my diet over the years from vegetarian to macrobiotic to raw food and juicing.  I had to keep digging until I uncovered even more subtle and invisible forces that were debilitating my health such as a chronic, systemic, cellular level carbon monoxide poisoning and a radiation emitting smart meter.

And through all of that, I developed a system to raise my body’s vibrational frequency and to help others.  Since then, I haven’t had a migraine in several years now.  I don’t take any meds and haven’t been to the doctor in a very long time.  A daily, 3 mile walk, up and down the hills in the forest, is part of my regular routine and I am very active with my art business and my farm, gardens, and animals.

In the end, I created an integrative system to be able to raise my body’s vibrational frequency for more health, more happiness, more flow, and I am excited to tell you more about that.  I am going to share everything I can today and in the end I will tell you a little about how you can get more support if that is something that would be helpful for you.

Living in an Energy Tsunami

So, let’s talk about what is going on right now.  The times we are living in are more stressful than at any time in history.  We are living in what I see as an energy tsunami.

Bombarded with unnatural electromagnetic frequencies, cell towers – with 5G coming soon!–, power lines, electronics, smart meters all impacting our bodies.  A smart meter is a radiation emitting, digital meter as opposed to the old analog meters.  Metal jewelry, metal fillings, and cell phones act as conduits and amplify the frequencies from wifi, cell towers, and other electronics.

In fact, I was feeling pretty good but kept having migraines that I couldn’t figure out what the trigger was until I heard a radio program talking about the smart meters and how they are radiation emitting spy devices.  The next day I felt a headache starting to come on – and they would normally last a couple of days – so I got out an old steel satellite dish and shielded the meter.  My headache went away instantly!

Metal jewelry, metal fillings, and cell phones act as conduits and amplify the frequencies from wifi, cell towers, and other electronics.

Dentistry is also potentially very toxic.  Metals in the mouth can create arcs of electricity.  Mercury fillings can off gas for a lifetime.  Lucille Ball was said to hear radio frequencies through the fillings in her teeth.

Greater Health, Peace, Prosperity

You may be wondering what the vibrational frequency has to do with greater health, peace, and prosperity.  So lets start out with the human body which optimally vibrates, when healthy, at a frequency of 62-72 MHz.

Bruce Tainio invented a machine to test the frequency of the human body, plants, and foods.  As time went on, the earth became so inundated with electromagnetic frequencies from cell phone towers, power lines, electronics, etc. that the BT3 machine became very difficult to use because of all the interference – even in remote areas where you wouldn’t expect there to be a problem.  So even if you are living in a remote area, it doesn’t matter.  You are still being bombarded by EMFs.  The machine finally had to be retired because we are so awash in EMF pollution that the sensitive machine could not get reliable readings anymore.

The vibrational frequency of the body greatly affects our health.

Disease can start to invade as our frequency drops.

Optimal human frequency:  62-72 MHz

Colds and Flu start at: 57-60 MHz
Disease starts at: 58 MHz
Candida overgrowth starts at: 55 MHz
Receptive to Epstein Barr at: 52 MHz –  Anthony William the Medical Medium writes extensively about Epstein Barr
Receptive to Cancer at: 42 MHz
Death begins at: 25 MHz

More challenges!

But electromagnetic frequencies are not the only challenge we face in our modern world that lower the vibrational frequency of our own bio-electric-magnetic body!

GMOs, glysophates, food additives, aspartame, MSG, corn syrup & corn sweeteners, artificial flavorings – even when labeled “natural”, preservatives, and all kinds of additives to extend shelf life all contribute to lowering our vibrational frequency and opening us up to disease.  Even cooked and processed food has a 0 MHz rating!  ZERO!

You are what you eat

My dog, Kendra, developed a growth on her leg that was getting bigger and bigger.  I changed her diet and it actually shrank.

When I was a kid I hated Chinese food.  Not that I didn’t like it but I didn’t like how it made me feel.  I was always sick after I ate it.  One day my dad was reading the paper and read about “Chinese food syndrome” where MSG was added to the food and made some people sick.  That was my first experience with additives making me sick.

Digestive issues are rampant, shockingly, even in young people.  The gut is the source of our immune system as well as our intuition.  Ever have a “gut feeling” which proved correct?   Gut health is extremely important to our overall health mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We take on the vibrational frequency of the food we eat.

If one eats an animal that was fearful when dying, that energy is infused into the food and is integrated into our bodies.  Animals release a great deal of adrenaline upon dying and the more slow and painful the death, the more adrenaline is released.  That goes into our bodies.

Last fall, I found a deer that was dying at the back of my property.  Some hunter had shot her and not recovered her.  When I found her I realized she had been there for at least 24 hours – my dog had been sniffing that corner the eve before – and, thinking she was dead, I went to pull her off the fence.  I was stunned and horrified when she raised her head and bleated.  I called my neighbor to please come dispatch her and end her suffering.  Afterwards, I asked if he wanted to take the body for the meat – I’ve been a vegetarian since1976 – but he said “no” that when an animal has suffered that long, the meat has a horrid taste to it.

More toxins!  Living in an Energy Tsunami!

So, not only are we dealing with electronic pollution and polluted food, we are exposed to car exhaust, second hand smoke, generators, chemicals in vaccines, bath and body products, make up, aerosols like hairspray and deodorant, cosmetics, nail polish – I cannot wear the stuff!  The horrid chemical smell never goes away! Indoors, we have off gassing carpets, paint, glue, scented candles, and so-called air fresheners.  Most buildings are so airtight and full of chemicals that they are extremely toxic.

Many people take prescription drugs from childhood on – vaccinations, ADHD meds, birth control pills, heart meds, diabetes meds, anti-depressants — with all the attendant negative side effects.   All these drugs end up in our drinking water so if you are not drinking filtered water, you are drinking your neighbors’ heart medicine.

When we are not taking prescription drugs we are taking recreational and illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco just to cope.

Research has shown that merely holding a cigarette lowers one’s vibrational frequency!  Kinesiology tests clearly show which substances weaken our body and lower the vibrational frequency.

Negative thinking

Oh, and by the way, negative thinking also lowers our body’s vibrational frequency!  And who wouldn’t be depressed dealing with everything we have to cope with!

Negative thinking is a slower, denser frequency associated with anger, depression, worry, anxiety.  And when you are in this negative place, you put off “bad vibes” that repel people and create problems.  By contrast, positive, happy, grateful thoughts make you attractive and a joy to be around.  People pick up on your “good vibes” and good things flow!  Compare how a good mood feels versus a bad mood.

All these elements slow our body’s vibrational frequency, setting it lower, heavier, and denser, and making it very difficult to live a healthy, happy, sparkling, productive life.  People walk around like zombies with a fog brain, tired, sluggish, unable to concentrate.

Vibrations can be felt both on a very visceral, physical level and at a more subtle level.   We have all been in a situation where the vibrations from machinery or loud noises have affected our well being.  Loud music has even been used to torture an enemy into surrender.

More subtle vibrations can be monitored by paying attention to how you feel.  Do you feel joy or fear?  Happiness or trepidation?  Excitement or dread?  Do you pay attention to your intuition?

Old and young

Have you ever noticed the difference between petting a puppy and petting an older dog?  Petting a puppy that is full of new life, new life force, recharges us.  Who doesn’t love snuggling a puppy and feeling that boost of energy and love?  Same with a newborn baby.  Full of chi.

By contrast, an older dog or an older relative, especially one near the end of life, is draining out his or her life force and we don’t get the same charge.  And indeed, we may be using the energy of our life force to infuse the older pet or relative with a few more months or even days of life.

How we know our frequency is dropping

When we have a lower vibrational frequency we suffer all sorts of health challenges, depression, lethargy, brain fog, hopelessness, and life becomes a joyless drudgery or downright chaotic.  We cannot use a machine to test our frequency anymore because they had to retire the machine but you can tell by monitoring how you feel.  Do you feel a little off?  Have headaches or other health issues?  Are you stressed, angry, depressed for no reasons?  Are you irritable, sore, and achy?  That is how you know your frequency is dropping and it needs attention.

So, in Part 2 we’ll talk about some of the solutions.  We’ve talked about the problems in Part 1, let’s talk about some solutions next time.

Watch the video here:

raising your vibrational frequency

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