Nine Healing Frequencies for Chaotic Times

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Nine Healing Frequencies for Chaotic Times

Our normal routine of life has been tremendously impacted this past week.  Many people are seeing their whole routine put into suspension, unable to work, attend school, church, sports events, travel, art fairs, concerts, and more.  Even basic trips to the supermarket for food has become a scary challenge.  Locked up, isolated, in our homes, worries about contracting this nasty virus both for ourselves and our loved ones, can be paralyzing.  Fear, panic, anxiety, and grief are palpable.  The news media highlights and expands this fear.  Many feel as if their whole way of life and way of earning a living has collapsed.

So I put together this blog about the Nine Healing Frequencies to provide some tools to immediately and easily implement as a way of coping and working through the current challenges.  Using these healing frequencies can help you to come out better and stronger in the end.

Power to Heal and Transform

Vibrational frequencies of sound have tremendous power to heal and transform.  So, I have compiled a list of vibrational frequencies and their specific qualities and powers to help lift us to a higher place where we can find peace, heal, and make better decisions.

Please note that under 20 Hz is the Fear Frequency.  This is just under the range of most humans’ ability to hear.  This low frequency is often used in horror films to create a palpable sense of fear beyond the visual images on the screen.  Many “hauntings” have been linked to a low level, inaudible vibration from a source creating this frequency.

For more information about the negative effects of lower vibrations and the disastrous consequences, see my BLOG and lecture, Part 1:  Living in an energy tsunami.

For solutions to raising your vibrational frequency, see my BLOG and lecture, Living in an Energy Tsunami, Solutions: Part 2.

Nine Healing Frequencies for Chaotic Times

The SOLFEGGIO Frequencies

Early in the 11th century, an Italian Benedictine monk, Guido of Arezzo, was looking for ways to teach melodies and harmonies to monastic choirs when he invented and developed the Nine Solfeggio Frequencies of Healing Music.  Go here for more details and history.

I have created a list of the frequencies below that highlights the qualities of each one.  Each frequency is linked to a recording of music with that frequency.  I have also included a link to a sound recording that has all nine frequencies.  These are all free to use.  These sound frequencies are a quick and easy way to get started shifting those feelings of fear to ones of hope and faith.  These musical tones will help heal your mind, body, and spirit.

You may sit in meditation or prayer with the music.  Or play in the background as you go about your daily life.  Another great option is to play as you drift off to sleep and let the healing tones work as you sleep.  Listen to all nine or pick the ones that resonate most with you.


Links to individual frequencies if you would like to focus on one area of particular concern:

More links to healing frequencies to explore:


There is a ton more information about sound frequencies and healing tones but the purpose of this blog is to get you jump started right away using these healing frequencies so you can begin to feel relief from the relentless bombardment of the fear we are experiencing right now.
Please share in the Comments how sound frequencies have helped you and if you have any more great strategies and links to help transform all the fear into faith, hope, and love.
Wishing you and your loved ones blessings, peace, hope, health, and love.  Let the goodness in humanity shine brighter than the fear.
Proverbs 29:25:  The fear of a man bringeth a snare;  but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.

3 thoughts on “Nine Healing Frequencies for Chaotic Times

  1. sandy matlock says:

    Just begun, and I thank you, sincerely, for turning me on to this relaxing, regenerating, refreshing reemergence! Maybe even sleep, sometime! Stretching seems more productive, too

    • Charlene Marsh says:

      So glad you are finding it helpful! We are being bombarded with so much hysteria, it can be hard to stay centered and calm. Yes, great for sleeping and/or playing in the background as we go about our business.

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