Om Tara Yoga Energy Mat

Om Tara, natural rubber, yoga mat, sacred geometry, mandala

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Your mat will be packed and shipped within 24 hours (except on the weekend when it will ship on Monday) so you will have it in plenty of time for Christmas.  I usually ship via USPS Priority Mail so you should have it within just 1-3 days.  If going to the west coast, I sometimes use a different carrier.

Om Tara Yoga Energy Mat

So, today I want to let you know more about the Om Tara yoga energy mat.

This gorgeous yoga mat is based on the mandala design of a hand dyed wool yarn tufted rug I made several years ago.  I sold the original wool piece, entitled Om Tara, at an art show at the Indiana State Museum for $9000, if I am remembering correctly.  The piece sold almost as soon as I finished it so I didn’t get to enjoy it for very long.  Selling artwork can be bittersweet!

Here’s the original fiber piece.  It measured something like 40″ x 80″.

Om Tara, hand dyed wool tufted onto cotton
Om Tara, hand dyed wool tufted onto cotton, 40″ x 80″, ©Charlene Marsh.


Since the standard size for a yoga mat is 24″ x 72″, I needed to redesign the piece to fit those perimeters, without distorting the imagery.  Part of my fine art studies at Indiana University, where I had a concentration in textiles, involved designing with modules.  Modules are great fun in that they can be recombined endlessly to create new and wondrous patterns and movements. So, I would take an element, such as a star, from the original fiber piece and change the size on the computer and either make it smaller or larger and then try different combinations to develop a whole new magical pattern.


Because I developed all the dye formulas where I could take two complementary colors and end up with 50+ hues of dyed gradations, the patterns have very intricate color relationships and gradations.  Working with the yarns and patterns is a very visual process.  I never know what the final result will be until I try it and look at it.  So, that makes the entire process very exciting to see what results.

Working with repeating patterns is very meditative and can lead to a deep trance all in of itself.

Effortlessly Raising the Vibrational Frequency

All the wonderful features of this natural tree rubber mat make it a joy to use. You can read more about how this yoga mat compares to other mats and how it solves the problems of many commercial yoga mats.

But, even better, this yoga mat serves to effortlessly raise the body’s vibrational frequency.  Simply having the mat in your space, either on the floor or hanging on the wall, will cause the higher frequencies to flow through your body and your space.  You don’t have to do anything to experience these higher energies!  Many people who don’t do yoga have purchased multiple mats to use in their living spaces either on the wall or on the floor.

The high vibrational frequency helps to create more health, wealth, happiness, peace, and, if using for yoga, takes your practice to new, transcendental levels!  The mat is super grippy, odorless, non-toxic, colorfast.  The mat doesn’t slip on the floor and is hard for a chewy puppy to get a mouthful of it.  The ones on my floor have been put to the test in the past couple of months since getting a two month old puppy.  And, so far, the pup has left them alone whereas regular area rugs had to be picked up and removed.

This mat is wonderful for all kinds of yoga, meditation, or simply having in your space, activating positive energies.

Om Tara, natural rubber, yoga mat, sacred geometry, mandala
Om Tara, natural rubber, yoga mat, 24″ x 72 1/2″, sacred geometry, mandala.  ©Charlene Marsh.

Om Tara Activates and Supports these Conditions

The word or, more like, the sound, “Om” is not a religious term but, rather, a vibrational language, Sanskrit, where the vibration of the spoken word manifests what follows it.

The word “Tara” has several meanings including “where the kings met” in Irish and “star” in Sanskrit as well as “queen”, and “diamond” .  So the energy of this yoga mat is especially beneficial to support and activate the virtues of success in work and achievements, reaching the stars, wisdom, beauty, art, love, success, career, money, wealth.  You can use this mat and the vibrational frequency to help manifest all the beauty and joy you need in your life.

This mat is a particular favorite of mine.  The mat has lots of great lines and curves that make it easy for me to line up my body and place my hands and feet.  I love the center mandala, too.  Makes a great grounding, center point.  And it is so beautiful!

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You can get the Om Tara mat here and start raising your own vibrational frequency today.

Thanks so much for following along!

Peace and blessings in this holiday season,


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