Flower of the Soul – Change Yoga Mat


This yoga mat serves to effortlessly raise the body’s vibrational frequency to help create more health, wealth, happiness, peace, and take your practice to new, transcendental levels!  Super grippy, odorless, non-toxic, colorfast.  Wonderful for all kinds of yoga, meditation, or simply having in your space, activating positive energies.

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Flower of the Soul – Change:

The energy of this yoga mat supports and activates these conditions:  transformation, transition, moving forward and upwards; transitioning with ease rather than chaos; good for a new home, new job, new career, new marriage, new baby, divorce, death, catastrophe like a fire, flood, earthquake, escaping an abusive relationship, conflict, court, trials.  This mat will help you make the transitions in life with confidence.


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Flower of the Soul - Change, sacred geometry, natural rubber, yoga mat
Flower of the Soul – Change Yoga Mat


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