Om Jai Ma Gaia Yoga Mat


This yoga mat serves to effortlessly raise the body’s vibrational frequency to help create more health, wealth, happiness, peace, and take your practice to new, transcendental levels!  Super grippy, odorless, non-toxic, colorfast.  Wonderful for all kinds of yoga, meditation, or simply having in your space, activating positive energies.

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Om Jai Ma Gaia:

“Om” is not a religious term but, rather, a vibrational language, Sanskrit, where the vibration of the spoken word manifests what follows it.

So, the energy of this yoga mat mat is beneficial to support and activate these conditions:  victory, connection to mother earth, relationships, love, family, fertility, grounding earth energies, male/female, yin/yang, hot/cold, growth, good health.  If you need stability in your life, this mat will help ground you and smooth things out.


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Om Jai Ma Gaia sacred geometry natural rubber yoga mat
Om Jai Ma Gaia Yoga Mat


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